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Inspection Inspection

Highly trained technicians at Roto-Rooter will diagnose the problem by using a high-resolution video camera mounted on a flexible rod. The camera sends back the real-time video image that lets the technicians – and you – know what the problem is.


A video camera inspection will help you determine why your drains are not functioning properly. We can even save the images for you so that you'll have a permanent record of the issue.

Modern video camera inspections

Preventative inspections

Drain inspections are not just performed when your drains are clogged. Before you buy a new home, it’s very important to check if drains and sewer lines are working. At Roto-Rooter, we can help you discover potential problems that could lead to costly repairs. Rely on us for effective plumbing-related services.


Let us check your pipes for issues, including breaks, misalignments, punctures, or corroded areas. Mention this website when you call us and receive a discount!

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